Daline Jabbour peforms at Zico House

On November 30th, Daline Jabbour, the rising Lebanese talent, performed at Zico House with musicians from Conservatoire des Antonines in a concert of high standards. Jabbour is known for her intense voice with improvisational performances that tend to mesmerize the crowd.... Read more

Daline Jabbour at DRM

Daline Jabbour and band will perform the traditional method of musical interpretation of the Arabic Levant that emerged during the Renaissance (Nahda) era. A brilliant voice accompanied by amazing musicians, Daline will reinterpret legendary artists from the Nahda era such as: Mikhaeel Mshaqa, Abdo Alhamooli, Mohamad Othman, Sheikh Youssef Al Manyalawi, Abdel Hay Helmi, Saleh Abdel Hay, Abou Al Ola Mohammad, Mohammad Mouhyi Al Deen, Sami Alshawa, Mohammad Akkad, Sheikh Said Darwish and many others.

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