About me

Daline Jabbour: (oud player, coach vocal, classical arabic and suffi singer, hold a degree in Music Education from the lebanese University and a bachelor in Arabic Heritage singing from the higher Institute of music in Antonine University.

she performed in several Lebanese theaters and participated in the opening  of the cultural festival in the center of Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa centre of culture and research in Bahrain.

also participateded as well with ensemble Assil during the centennial of sheikh Youssef El-Manyalawy’s death in Fouad the first theater (Cairo)

she paticipated as a singer in two plays directed by Roger Assaf and two plays directed by Lara Kanso.

she accompanied by a group of specialized musicians expert in the domain of improvising in accordance with the takht standart of the Arabic music.

she founded a women’s group “Watad” in 2018

recently, she performed a Suffi concert at the Konya Suffi International Festival in Turkey, and Suffi event in Bahrain on the occasion of the selection of Moharraq, the capital of Islamic culture.

and she performed a classical arabic concert at Bahrain international music festival.


As a teacher

fifteen years of experience in oud, singing, and music teacher.
also conducted several courses and workshops in various Lebanese regions.

As a singer

As a graduate of the Renaissance school and the fact that Suffi Music such religion Tawashih and sufi poems are an integral part of that school, i've committed two tracks to singing: Suffi and Classical Oriental Arabic music such as Muwashahat, Peoms, Adwar and Improvisation.

As a oud player

in 2018 i established a women's music ensemble "Watad" with the aim of proving myself as a oud player and expansion of musical styles such as modern classical music.